I was born in the Philippines and traveled to America at 5 years old when my Dad, a Senior Chief in the United States Navy was stationed in Long Beach, CA. We migrated to the East Coast and I was raised in Virginia Beach, VA and have lived in Charlotte, NC since 2008.

I have had several careers in my 50 years from registered nurse in pediatric oncology, to hairstylist and small business owner. I have always been inspired and drawn to creativity and self expression in a variety of forms including fashion, interior design, hair and of course, art.

I have always been inspired by people and I hope this collection inspires others to pursue individual artistic endeavors and encourage introspection on his/her/their own past and present and the role those experiences play in shaping future perspectives and experiences. I hope everyone has the opportunity and ability to celebrate with given or chosen families and lets light and love guide the path to peace and love.

You can contact me at (704) 698-7918.